Weili Zhang Demolished Joanna Jedrzecyzyk In Brutal Battle!

Aside from Adesanya’s defence fight, another match between Weili Zhang and Joanna Jedrzecyzyk also took place with many exciting moments. Catch up with the action-packed clash below!

Weili Zhang

Weili Zhang Demolished Joanna Jedrzecyzyk In Brutal Battle!

After seeing Adesanya’s defence battle, many would argue that the showdown between Weili Zhang and Joanna Jedrzecyzyk deserved to be the main event of the UFC 248. Both sides put their lives on the line in this brutal war. On one side, this was Weili Zhang’s first defence match for her strawweight belt. However, her opponent is the most successful former champion in the UFC division’s history. Even before the fight, the tension was high between these fighters. 

Ever since Zhang improved her English, she has become more popular with the crowd. At their pre-fight press conference, she made everyone laugh when she told her rival to ‘shut up’. To put it short, their match was a vicious clash from the beginning to end. While Joanna chose a fast approach with her jab and quick moves, Zhang fought back with her insane power. Furthermore, they let fly with leg kicks to slow each other down.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Thing’s gotten heated in the third round! This time, Weili, who was suffering face damage, managed to smash her rival down. She gave Joanna Jedrzecyzyk a serious case of enormous hematoma that kept rising for the rest of their match. After that, Joanna managed to build her momentum, but the Chinese fighter mixed it up by changing to a grappling approach. By the fourth round, Jedrzejczyk still got momentum and still had more technical with her strikes. All came down in the finale when Zhang threw many effective straight punches and Joanna fought back with savage attrition. Even Dana White had to say that this match was a ‘future Hall-of-Fame fight’. In the end, Zhang was the one who got the decision. This has caused many arguments from the fans. However, the clash was indeed a tough one to score. 


With this victory, Weili Zhang has proved that she’s not just a one-fight star. We could expect to see more of her in the upcoming months once UFC finally realizes her potential!