UFC Mexico City Results: Rodriguez vs. Stephens Brutal Fight!!

We finally updated the UFC Mexico City results for the Rodriguez vs. Stephens fight card, taking place last Saturday night below! Check it out!

Rodriguez vs. Stephens
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UFC Mexico City Results: Rodriguez vs. Stephens Fight!!

Last weekend, the showdown between Rodriguez vs. Stephens went down at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City. And to sum it up, the match was a ‘disaster’. In details, the main event finished after Rodriguez caught Jeremy Stephens with an inadvertent eye poke just 15 seconds into the opening round. As a result, he was unable to continue to match, making its a ‘no contest’.

What went down? The fight barely started before Rodriguez pawed at Stephens with an open hand during the first exchange. Right after that, we can see the veteran featherweight immediately wince in pain. At that time, Stephens can’t even open his eye to let the referee to take a look at the injury. The doctor soon arrived on Octagon in an attempt to shine a light in Stephens’ eye to find out if he could continue.

Notably, the Mexico City crowd then began attacking the fighters inside the Octagon with a chorus of boos washed over them. Today, Stephens shared with the press that he is now suffering a “deep scratch” and “deep bruise” of his left eye. However, he’s not backing down even with the defeat. The guy claimed he is already itching for a rematch against Rodriguez! Haven seen wearing shades over a heavily bandaged eye, he declared his intention through a video posted by ESPN.com Twitter.

Rodriguez’s statement

“I’m just going to wait to talk to the UFC and see what they’re thinking and just move on,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t like that one at the end of my record, but whatever.” For now, both sides are adding a no-contest bookending their resumes.