Tyron Woodley on Kamaru Usman: ‘I’m a nightmare for him every day’

Tyron Woodley is going to give credit where credit is due. He spoke about Kamaru Usman’s great performance in their match back in March. However, he might have something to counter. Take a look!

Tyron Woodley on Kamaru Usman
Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley faces off with challenger Kamaru Usman ahead of their co-main event title bout at UFC 235 on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
 Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

‘I’m a nightmare for him every day of the week’ – Tyron Woodley!

During a fan Q&A at Vancouver, Woodley shared his thoughts on his last match with Kamaru Usman, taking place in May. While he praised his opponent, the former UFC welterweight champion also got something to say about his failure that night. “When you watch the Kamaru Usman fight, I don’t have to watch it. It was a silhouette of Tyron in the Octagon or something happened when I jumped up and stomped down, I think my spirit left my body,”

Whatever everyone said, he is not willing to admit that he got outclassed by a better fighter. On the other hand, for all the things Usman did right in the fight, Woodley felt like he didn’t give him much of an equal that night. As a result, it ultimately cost him the UFC welterweight title. “If I look at the way the fight went, I don’t think I won a round in that fight, if that was me fighting me, I would have knocked my ass out,” – Woodley said.

“So I don’t have to go back and watch the film and say the chain wrestling [affected me]. I’m a Division I All-American [wrestler], not Division II. I’m not knocking that but it’s a way different level. When you think about striking, when you think about my resume, it’s not that he did something so great that I couldn’t keep up with it. It’s just the fact that it’s one of those nights when you walk out there, everything feels perfect and you get close to your opponent and the battery pack is snatched out of your back. That’s really what I felt like.” He concluded that the fight was an anomaly, rather than a mismatch. “Kamaru Usman skill set wise on paper, I’m a nightmare for him every day of the week,”

What will be in store for Woodley?

When asked about what he would do for a potential rematch, Woodley stated that he is going to fight in the way that made him a four-time defending welterweight champion the first time around. “All I have to do is fight. I don’t have to do anything different. I wouldn’t even watch the film. There’s no point. Just go out there and fight.”