Tyron Woodley is READY for Jake Paul’s fight!

Tyron Woodley is here, and he is ready for revenge! This time, the former champ will be meeting Jake Paul in the boxing ring. Catch the full news on their upcoming match below!

Tyron Woodley is READY for Jake Paul's fight

Tyron Woodley is READY for Jake Paul’s fight!

After ending his time at UFC, Tyron Woodley has taken up space in the boxing world. During his prime at the promotion, he has a long accomplishment, including taking the UFC welterweight champion and successfully defending his belt four times. This time, he would be meeting Youtuber Jake Paul in the ring. Ahead of the game, some pictures of the former champ at the practice have surfaced, showing his top condition. 

From what we’ve seen, Woodley is looking as sharp as ever. For most of his UFC match, the guy is famous for the pull counter that could put lots of fighters to sleep. Moreover, his explosive right hand also played a significant role in ending the fight in an instant. If you wonder how the accomplished UFC champ got the fight out of his rival, we might need to recall his teammate Ben Askren.

Tyron Woodley

In detail, Woodley was at their clash and even was in charge of keeping track of Paul’s glove wrapping. This time, he’s out for revenge for Askren and the whole MMA community. Despite losing his title to Kamaru Usman, Woodley didn’t seem to lose his touch. We could still see his tendency to press his back against the cage and, in some cases, being gun shy. Some people might claim this habit was because of his fights with some top wrestlers. Or even how Usman broke him in their previous encounter. However, we need to remember that he was one of the most fearsome names in the division. At his prime, his explosive power always leads to a knockout. Even big guys with durability like Robbie Lawler went to sleep in the first round of their match. 

Would boxing gloves be different? 

Considering that fighting with boxing gloves is quite different from the usual MMA fighting style, it’s hard to say if the champion will give us a show. This time, will Woodley and his killer instinct dominate the match? Or would he be there for the paycheck? One thing we do know is that everyone is looking forward to seeing Woodley knocking out his opponent!