Top 10 worst weight cuts in UFC history!

Today, we have for you the list of the top 10 Fighters with the worse weight cuts in UFC history! You might be familiar with many of these names, take a look!

10. Kenny Florian (UFC 136)

Being the MMA legend, Florian made a wild move by deciding to go against Jose Aldo. You read that right, the featherweight champion Aldo. Previously, Florian had shown his power by fighting from middleweight to lightweight department. By taking on Jose Also, he had made a drastic weight cut.

And the results shocked us all. Florian stepped into the cage looking like a skeleton, with a sunken face and body (Yikes!). While he reached his prime at 155lb, that was still a bit cut for himself. Joining featherweight was undoubtedly a big mistake for the guy. He went on to lose by unanimous decision.

Kenny Florian (UFC 136)
Photo by Josh Hedges via Getty Images

9. Conor McGregor

Many would argue on this statement, but others can agree that Conor McGregor peaks at the 145lb division. However, there is a particular reason that ‘The Notorious’ prefer the lightweight division. Despite soaring though the featherweights ranking, he paid a hefty price for it, judging from his weigh-ins. In his usual day, McGregor is naturally a big build guy. So when he showed up with sunken cheeks on weigh-in day, it makes a terrifying image. If you have kept track of the guy, you would know that he dropped to his worse number at the UFC Fight Night Boston weigh-in. We can’t even recognize the ‘The Notorious’.

Conor McGregor
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8. Anthony Johnson (UFC 106)

Nowadays, Anthony Johnson is a force to be reckoned with! The former light-heavyweight fighter has fought for the title twice already. Furthermore, he was also famous for his immense power. To put it easy to understand, he was the Francis Ngannou of his day. With his reputation, it was hard to believe he was once fighting at middleweight AND welterweights. If we talk about the anti-weight cut campaign, the picture of “Rumble” standing on the scales at UFC 108 looking drained and weak would always be used as an example. For now, he is working as a professional bodybuilder, leaving behind the mistake of his drastic weight cuts.

Anthony Johnson
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7. Aspen Ladd

Without a doubt, the story of Aspen Ladd was one of the worse weigh-ins cases in recent years. Standing on the scales at UFC Fight Night 155, many have argued that he shouldn’t be cleared to fight, judging by her discomfort. At the main even, Aspen Ladd was supposed to fight against Germaine De Randamie, but she overshot her cut. Ladd had to use a hoop for her weigh-in, and she seemed to be in terrible pain. After getting dress and rehydrating, she had difficulty standing up while grimacing badly. A really bad memory indeed!

Aspen Ladd
Aspen Ladd def. Sijara Eubanks at UFC on ESPN+ 10: Best photos

6. Johnny Hendricks (UFC 200)

Before USADA, Johnny Hendricks made a name for himself as one of the most impressive fighters in welterweights. However, he went into a four-year hiatus after the savage fight with Georges St. Pierre, one that many people thought he would win. The Canadian legend then faced a drastic decline in the physical condition when the mandatory drug-testing come up. At the UFC 200, ‘Bigg Rigg’ looks horrible with his bad condition. He missed weight at the 17th UFC fight, then went off form before officially retiring last year.

Johnny Hendricks (UFC 200)
Gastelum def. Hendricks, UFC 200

5. Yoel Romero (UFC 225)

Up until now, Yoel Romeno undoubtedly has one of the best physical forms in his peers. In case you didn’t know, Joe Rogan even called him a freak due to his marvelous genetics. And we have to agree with Rogan on this. Despite passing the 40 marks already, the Cuban still can show off his crazy dynamism and explosiveness. However, years of weight cuts have finally taken its toll on him. At the UFC 225, the middleweight contender missed the chance to fight for the title because of it. Asides his shocking condition on the scale, Romeno even needed an assistant to help him walk away.

Yoel Romero (UFC 225)
Robert Whittaker def. Yoel Romero at UFC 225

4. Daniel Cormier (UFC 214)

Weight cut was definitely a bad decision of the former double-champion. Daniel Cormier looked totally devastated and broken at his rematch with Jon Jones, a result of his grim weight cut. He was seen with sunken eyes, cheeks and drained. The 205lbs was obviously not an easy mark for the current heavyweight king to archive. Previously, he missed his weighed on at UFC 210 at his first attempt. At his second, Cormier came back after two minutes and was caught leaning on the towel to shift some of his weight off. Not a smart move.

Daniel Cormier
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

3. Max Holloway UFC 218

Previously, Dana White has shared that he saw Max Holloway’s future on the mid-level. Despite losing to Dustin Poirier on this 155lb debut, the big man still had a shot, though it might take him a while. While ‘Blessed’ is a featherweight champion, the weight cut is not an easy task for him. The bad result of his weight cut shows the most at the UFC 218. Max Holloway looked so tired and visibly gaunt that he seems kind of lost. We could have caught him giving the cameras a blank look every once in a while. In the end, he had to resolve to use a towel to reach the limit. Overall, this once again reminds us of the brutal effect of weight cuts on professional athletes.

Max Holloway
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

2. Kevin Lee

We can see how much Kevin Lee was struggling to make wright at UFC 216. For the interim lightweight title, he was set to fight Tony Ferguson. However, he showed up with a staph infection on his chest, which was covered with make-up. Additionally, Lee also faced many weight-cutting problems. On his first try on the scales, he was over the limit, which left him confused. While fighting at welterweight, Lee was unquestionably in a shocking condition. He came back an hour later, making the 155lb mark. That doesn’t mean he look any better.

Kevin Lee
Credit: Jason Burgos/

1. Darren Till

Up till now, Darren Till’s appearance on the scales in Liverpool was also causing lots of conversations. However, it doesn’t even come close to the footage of ‘The Gorilla’ trying to make the 170lbs limit. While he is now qualified to move up to middleweight, his body without a doubt suffered a lot to get there. His awful practice almost cost him his life, based on many reports. Furthermore, despite not finishing it, he had lost 20% of his purse to Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson; even though he beat the US fighter by an argumentative decision.

Darren Till
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Top 10 worst weight cuts in UFC history!

Weight-cutting is never an easy choice for these athletes. We know that this is a familiar tactic to archive a physical advantage over their competition. However, sometimes the advantage can become a disadvantage if you don’t use it wisely.