Team Khabib is Now Open to Justin Gaethje Fight!

After waiting on the sideline, it looks like Justin Gaethje is finally getting his long-awaited fight. Today, Team Khabib expressed that he would be open to meet Gaethje for a clash. Read more below!

Team Khabib is Now Open to Justin Gaethje Fight!

It looks like Justin Gaethje is in a weird place now. Until now, the guy has been waiting for a title fight for a long time. However, while big names like Khabib and McGregor got booked left and right, he still has to remain on the sideline. Now, as Khabib has to withdraw from the UFC 249, ‘The Highlight’ could be looking at a potential matchup soon. Based on the latest report, he will be meeting Tony Ferguson for an interim title fight soon. 

Furthermore, if Gaethje manages to defeat Ferguson, he could look forward to an even more exciting fight against Khabib. Today, team Khabib and his manager Ali Abdelaziz also shared that they are willing to make the clash happen. Speaking with the media, Abdelaziz claimed that the team would be happy for this fight. However, we could pass this as a chance for him to take shots at Audie Atar and Conor McGregor.

“If Gaethje is going to be the interim champion, he’s going to fight Khabib for the undisputed lightweight championship. These guys work all their lives to become a champion. Who am I to step in the way to making that happen? I know Tony had a problem before with Conor McGregor, but that’s not how I do business. I don’t think it’s fair for a manager or a promoter to stop a guy from having his dreams come true of becoming the undisputed UFC champion. If Justin wins, it’s a fair fight. Him and Khabib will fight,” – he concluded. 

Khabib’s return

On the other hand, he also shared more details on the champion’s comeback. Notably, Khabib should be ready by August. However, we believe September would be a better time as the UFC should return to Abu Dhabi by that time. As he is a big star in the Arab world, Khabib should join that card.