Stephen Thompson called out Colby Covington!

Once again, things are heating up in the fighting world. This time, Stephen Thompson has sent a message to Colby Covington. Catch what the NMF titleholder got to say below!

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson called out Colby Covington!

This week, Stephen Thompson has taken to social media to challenge Colby Covington. In detail, he is calling for a potential title contender match. Additionally, the way he sent out the message was such a classic NMF move. With his powerful karate style, Thompson could be running Covington up the wall if they fight. He got an advantage with his takedown defense and excellent striking skills.

So far, some of the opponents that could give trouble were those with counterpunching abilities. You might have seen this in his clashes against Woodley and Pettis before. With Covington’s habit of constantly closing the distance on his rival, Thompson would have a big problem trying to approach his opponent and attack at will. Nevertheless, Colby Covington’s gas tank is also his major strength.

He could go for five rounds without letting his rival rest. Meanwhile, Covington has also shown his interest in this matchup. However, he would need a hefty paycheck to convince him. For now, this fight seems like a challenging one, as Covington already had some beef with the UFC. If you remember, he got into a heated dispute with the promotion regarding his pay. So if they didn’t offer a good paycheck, it would be hard to get this matchup to happen.

A title match

The ultimate winner of this clash would probably get a chance to fight for the title next. As both sides just came back with an impressive win against such big names, they only need one chance to get into the contender list.