Robert Whittaker returns to action in early 2020 after loosing at UFC 243!

Following the latest news, Robert Whittaker will come back to the ring in early 2020 after loosing at UFC 243. Let’s explore the related information below!

Robert Whittaker will come back

Robert Whittaker losing history

Unfortunately, Robert Whittaker lost his middleweight title to Israel Adesanya via second-round TKO at UFC 243 over the weekend. However, this was not surprising for anyone due to “Bobby Knuckles” who the man affectionately named was checking his failure very well. Beside, Whittaker plans to enter the cage. Talking about a recent episode of his podcast GrangeTV, Whittaker harangued his loss to Adesanya and the reaction from fans.

“People may not know this, but I’ve lost before,” Whittaker said. “I’ve lost before and I have come back better and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m under no illusion that I was unbeatable; everybody can beat everybody on any given day. I’m just going to lick my wounds, I’m going to get back on the mats on Monday, and I’m going to start training again and try to beat the next guy.”

Whittaker lost before

It’s a long time ago since Whittaker has missed the belt-champion. Whittaker got his UFC debut in 2012 (in fact, coming off a loss) in the welterweight section. Following back-to-back losses to Court McGee and Stephen Thompson, he had one more welterweight fight before moving up to middleweight. At that time, he had won eight consecutive victories. His loss to Adesanya was Whittaker’s first as a middleweight. And from the sound of things, he was trying to best. The former champion says that regarding his health permits, he’d like to return to the cage in early 2020.

A possible return in 2020?

“I’m gonna go make sure that I’m all good and then once I know that I’m sweet, I’m gonna get back into training, I’m gonna start working again and then I’m gonna see what happens,” Whittaker said. “I’m not looking to take a long time off. I have to give myself the appropriate amount of rest time for my brain, but I want to get back in there and I want to just get back to work. It’s what I do…”

“If my health is all on point, on a check, February, March next year. That’s not out of the ordinary. I think that would be good.”

That timeline could be made to match Whittaker with the winner of the Kelvin Gastelum vs Darren Till battle that took place at UFC 244. Whittaker’s willingness to return activity would work as a notification for fans to start to criticize him after his failure. Moreover, they suggested he leave the sport. For Whittaker, this was just another part of the MMA journey.