Petr Yan on Dominick Cruz title shot: ‘It’s a big hit for the UFC’s reputation!’

It seems like Petr Yan has a lot to say about UFC’s recent decision to let Dominick Cruz step in for Jose Aldo. Catch what he said below!

Petr Yan

Petr Yan on by Dominick Cruz title shot: ‘It’s a big hit for the UFC’s reputation.’

In detail, he does not understand why the promotion has given the green light for the former champion Dominick Cruz replace Jose Aldo. He will get the next shot at fighting the current bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo. With a total record of six wins and many outings under the banner, “No Mercy” should have been the next name to earn a shot at the bantamweight throne, according to many people. 

While the Russian got a win over former title contender Marlon Moraes, Yan raised the question on Cruz being the chosen one. Notably, he hasn’t been in the cage since his title loss in 2016 against Cody Garbrandt. Speaking in a podcast, Yan said: “To be honest, moments like this in UFC kind of upset me. He didn’t fight for three years, and now he’s getting a title shot?”

Petr Yan

Furthermore, he raised the question about why he was not chosen to replace Aldo, as the fighter is now stuck in Brazil and couldn’t attend the event. “Maybe it’s because I’m not in America, or maybe it’s because I’m not American. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid of me and they don’t want to give the chance to win another title to a Russian fighter, maybe they don’t want two Russian champions,” he stated. He ended the topic: “I think there are more active and deserving fighters that could fight for the belt and I don’t understand why they’d give it to a guy that’s been so inactive for so long,” he added.

Respect to UFC 

However, Yan shared that he still respects the Cejudo. “I can’t say I lost respect for [Cejudo]. I know that he’s playing his game, he’s doing his part, but it’s weird that the UFC also agrees with him – that’s kind of weird.”