Nate Diaz Called Out Conor McGregor for Trilogy Clash!

For now, Conor Mcgregor remains the hottest name in the draw in MMA; and it looks like Nate Diaz wants to meet him in the cage again. Catch the full news below!

Nate Diaz Called Out Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz Called Out Conor McGregor for Trilogy Clash!

After making a grand comeback by demolishing Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor is now undoubtedly the hottest name that everyone wants to fight. So far, many big names have given the Irishman a shout out. Now, of all the potential opponents for The Notorious, Nate Diaz should be the one who deserves the shout more than others. The memories of McGregor’s first UFC loss to Diaz back in 2016 still lingered on our mind. 

However, Diaz lost with a tight decision when they met for a rematch. After that, McGregor went on to win the UFC lightweight champion title, fought Floyd Mayweather and fall to an infinite hiatus period. As a result, Diaz’s chance of having another trilogy fight has died out. Now, a recent Tweet from him might have changed the game. He tweeted: “What happened to your season? I was already back in by now wtf.

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We can understand that he’s mocking the Irishman’s statement of fighting ‘ a season’ this year. Furthermore, if you remember, his last fight was against Jorge Masvidal for the BMF belt. It has been a long time, so McGregor will undoubtedly be the favourite out of the two if they indeed meet in the cage. On the other hand, the UFC president has another plan for the Irishman: a rematch with Khabib. This clash makes sense from the promotion’s standpoint, as it could easily become the most lucrative fight they have in 2020. However, Khabib, who is already set to fight Tony Ferguson and El Cucuy, doesn’t seem much interested in this matchup. 

Plans for McGregor

Everyone knows about Khabib and McGregor’s long-term toxic rivalry. “They hate each other. If you think you’re going to do an interview with Khabib and he’s going to say great things about Conor McGregor, it’s never going to happen. If you interview Conor McGregor, he’s never going to say great things about Khabib. ”. Putting Khabib aside, Justin Gaethje’s name has also been linked to The Notorious recently. We have to wait and see how this matchup will turn out.