McGregor Team Confirmed Jorge Masvidal is Next!

Now that the year 2020 is fast approaching, the return of Conor McGregor is hotter than ever! Besides Cerrone, the Irishman and his team got another name in their minds for the next fight. Catch the latest update below!

Jorge Masvidal

McGregor Team Confirmed Jorge Masvidal is Next!

Without a doubt, the return of The Notorious is one of the most anticipated events of next year. Hate him or love him, but you can’t deny his impact in the MMA world. McGregor is now set to fight Donald Cerrone at the headline event of UFC 246. Furthermore, the match is going to take place in the welterweight division instead of the lightweight. While there have been many speculations on this, it seems like the Irishman does have a good reason for this.

Based on what we gathered, The Notorious is looking forward to a fight with Jorge Masvidal. For now, Masvidal is one of the top active draws in the game. With the first BMF title under his belt, there’s no reason to deny that Mcgregor would want to take on ‘Gamebred’. On one side, many would claim that McGregor would end up badly, judging by the sheer power and size of Masvidal. However, we need to note that the Irishman hasn’t been knocked out yet.

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Furthermore, McGregor is a quite skillful boxer himself. Recently, his coach Owen Roddy finally confirmed his teammate’s plans. “That’s what he wants to do and there’s one thing I always say: when Conor says he wants to do something if anyone is going to do it, he can. But, let’s not look past Cerrone. He’s a tricky opponent and he’s a veteran with tricks up his sleeve. But Conor going in there the way he looks now, he should do well.” Additionally, he stated that The Notorious is now ‘better prepared’ than ever. His cardio record has improved drastically, which could help him to void being gassed out again.

Too Big

On the other hand, ‘Gamebred’ is being nonplussed on this potential matchup. He is currently waiting for his chance of a welterweight shot, but it looks like it won’t happen anytime soon. When hearing about the possible fight between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards, he took to Twitter to share his thought: “I thought Dana said I was too much man for that individual #theresurrection.” Now would he take the chance to fight The Notorious? We’ll have to wait and see!