Khabib Nurmagomedov wins Submission of the Year Award!

Another day, another achievement unlocked for the now-retired pound-for-pound legend Khabib Nurmagomedov! Catch what award he has won right below!

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov wins Submission of the Year Award!   

2021 has just started, and Khabib already received some excellent news. The Russian former professional mixed martial artist is now the winner of the Submission of the Year award. While the retired champ only fought on time, there is no question about his massive impact on the fighting sport. His last match against Gaethje has left a big impression on our minds. During the final seconds of the first round, Khabib almost sank an armbar.

If he didn’t get back quick enough, Gaethje would have an early finish. Luckily, he survived to get to the next round and gained back his momentum. Using the same game plan, the Russian fighter attacked his rival with endless pressure to set up a big takedown. After that, Khabib smartly baited Gaethje with a leg kick and opened the way for a single leg takedown. Both Khabib and Gaethje ended up in the same situation.

However, the Russian quickly changed his move from an armbar to a triangle choke. In a later interview, Daniel Cormier shared that Khabib has shown respect for Gaethje’s family, who watched it courtside. Ahead of the match, the American fighter hinted that he would not choose to tap out due to the submission. Should Khabib continued with the armbar, it would probably lead to a broken arm situation. Furthermore, that would leave Gaethje’s family in distress to see him screaming from pain. It was wiser for Khabib to choke him out and not leave any long-term damage.

Future endeavor

From what we heard, Khabib plans to leave Abu Dhabi before UFC 257. Some people think that he wants to avoid an altercation with Conor Mcgregor. The Notorious has been pushing for a rematch until now and even claims that Khabib rematch will be the easiest. What do you think about this?