Kamaru Usman destroyed Colby Covington with fifth-round TKO at UFC 245!

With the way Covington has been getting on everyone’s nerves, his TKO defeat in the hand of Kamaru Usman definitely a sight to see at the UFC 245 taking place last weekend. Catch the highlight of this match below!

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman destroyed Colby Covington with fifth-round TKO!

For the past year, Colby Covington has appeared on pretty much any lists of top annoying fighters of MMA. While his talent and skills shine in the cage, there’s no doubt that his toxic aura just outshines them all. On the other hand, Kamaru Usman doesn’t get on well with his fans, but the welterweight champion is ‘less annoying’ than ‘Chaos.’ At the UFC 245 taking place in Las Vegas last weekend, Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington were headlining the event.

And what a sight it was! Their five-round match was full of actions, with back-to-back kicks and punches being thrown around. From the first fight, both sides have shown a big difference in fighting style. Covington, with his massive volume, tried to let loss and ended up failing to use his grappling. On the other hand, Usman started off strongly with more clinical strikes but still fell short to in the first two rounds.


However, he picked up the pace and begun to coordinate with his body better, and the scope of the fight started changing to his advantage. His first title defense match ended with his right-hand attack at Covington’s already damaged jaw. We have to give Covington some additional points for standing strong against the welterweight champion; noted that he was dropped twice before ending up with the ground-and-pound finish. He was undoubtedly one of the toughest rivals of Usman, thanks to his strong background in wrestling.

Post-fight comments

“This one’s not just for me. This one’s for the whole entire world right now,” Usman shared after the match. “I’m the best in the world. I’m going to keep improving and I’m going to give you guys a show each and every time.”