Justin Gaethje Stops Tony Ferguson Winning Streak with Savage Beatdown!

At the UFC 249 event, Justin Gaethje finally put a stop to Tony Ferguson’s twelve-win streak with a savage beatdown. Catch the full highlights from their recent match below!

Justin Gaethje vs Tony Ferguson

Justin Gaethje Stops Tony Ferguson Winning Streak with Savage Beatdown!

Once again, the long-awaited clash between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagamedo fell through. When Khabib had to step out of the UFC 249 due to him being stuck in Russia, Justin Gaethje took his place to meet Ferguson. Their fight served as the main event of the night, with lots of action-packed from the start to end. For Ferguson, he has been training since November last year for his match with Khabib.

When the promotion ultimately decides to put him against Gaethje, he bravely took the interim lightweight title fight. Besides, he was also the favorite one out of the two names. However, his rival came prepared. From what we’ve seen, Gaethje put on the top performance of his career until now. Ferguson didn’t have any answers in front of ‘The Highlight’s’ power and precision moves. 

By the end of their fight, ‘El Cucuy’ has suffered many injuries: a swelling under one eye, plus a deep gash by another. In short, it looks like he couldn’t handle the accuracy of his opponent’s right hand. Furthermore, Gaethje also showcased a striking masterclass with a vicious left hook and his leg kicks. On the other hand, Ferguson had some highlighted moments during this clash. He occasionally was able to get some shots together and staggered Gaethje right at the bell. However, Gaethje’s tidy striking kept him at bay. Herb Dean has stepped in to stop the fight and announced a TKO victory for Gaethje. 

A Title Shot

As a result, Gaethje now can look forward to a potential clash against Khabib after summer. On the other hand, perhaps UFC could try and get him to take on Conor McGregor? We’ll have to wait and see.