Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler match is a BANGER!

The recent fight between Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler was definitely a banger. Catch the highlights from their clash right below!

Michael Chandler

Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler’s match is a BANGER!

Over the long-run history of UFC, there have been many fights that people still mention even after a long time. However, we could also name a few that did not live up to the expectations. A particular example of this situation was the Ngannou vs. Lewis clash. Nevertheless, the recent match between Gaethje vs. Chandler didn’t fall into this category. They delivered exactly what fans have been waiting for.

Since the start, both sides have foregone the usual defense and marched on. Swing after swing just kept coming until one side got knocked out. Both Gaethje and Chandler have lived up to the hype and gave their fan such a violent clash from beginning till end. On one side, Chandler had more advantage with his power, but Gaethje also had his famous leg kicks and durability.

We could see Gaethje got rocked at some moments of their match, but he stayed in and pushed through. Meanwhile, Chandler just put his hands down and received the punishment. Furthermore, his wide stance didn’t stand a chance against Gaethje’s kicks. He tried to mix in some wrestling, but his opponent could read his intention and reverse the attempts. Gaethje landed a counter uppercut in the second round, knocking Chandler down. While many think this was the end, the warrior in him surged up and survived. He did end up with a busted-up face, though.


In the last round, Chandler kept moving forward, but such a move wasn’t ideal against the hard-hitting Gaethje. He took a lot of heavy strikes, which could cost him the match. However, he managed to capture the fans with such a challenging spirit. Even Gaethje showed him respect after the clash. With such a performance, they opened the main card of the event at the Madison Square Garden. The promotion crowned it as the fight of the night!