Justin Gaethj Sent Savage Warning to Khabib and Tony Ferguson!

Ahead of this match against Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethj has sent a message to his opponent and Khabib. Catch what he said right below!

Khabib and Tony Ferguson

Justin Gaethje Sent Savage Warning to Khabib and Tony Ferguson!

April has been a wild ride from start to finish for UFC. It began when Khabib Nurmagamedov has to drop his match against Tony Ferguson due to Russia shutting its border. After that, Ramadan has already started, meaning that the champion won’t be fighting until Fall. After that, due to the ongoing pandemic, the promotion had to cancel the event. Now, they are trying to push for a May comeback

Notably, they also found another opponent for Ferguson: Justin Gaethje. Both will be fighting for the chance to fight for the belt this time. While Ferguson already made the list, it seems like he’s willing to put it on the line for a match. Besides, Gaethje is coming to this clash with an impressive record of three-fight win streak with three straight first-round KOs. Speaking to the media on this fight, Dana White can’t control his excitement.

Justin Gaethj

He claimed that it is going to be ” incredible. The winner will fight Khabib for the title. This is for the interim. 100% the winner fights Khabib”. As for Gaethje, while he stated that he also would like to see Tony v Khabib clash, he wants his title shot. “As a fan, I wanna see that fight just as much as anybody. But to put food on my table. I don’t care about that. I will feel a little bit bad about that because I know how bad people want it. But for me to act as it would bother me, that would be a lie”.

Where’s Conor McGregor? 

Asides from these big names, many are asking about another hot topic: Conor McGregor. The Irishman and his team are planning for a summer fight, with Gaethje being their top choice. However, with the upcoming May UFC 249, The Notorious is once again in the cold. We’re betting our money on a Nate Diaz trilogy fight for him. What do you think?