Jorge Masvidal took aim at Colby Covington after his Loss at UFC 245!

Colby Covington finally met someone who could put him in his place last weekend, Kamaru Usman! When seeing his loss and a broken jaw, Jorge Masvidal jumped in and poured salt on his wound. Take a look!

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal took aim at Colby Covington after his Loss!

At the UFC 245 taking last weekend, Colby Covington finally met his match at his welterweight title fight. He went against ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Kamaru Usman and suffered a brutal ending. Technically, his broken jaw made it impossible to speak, but Covington was able to find another way to complain. On the other hand, it looked like his defeat has become the talk of the town, which many people took glee from!

Previously, Covington is quite famous for getting everyone’s nerves with his action. Some memories we could name was the time when he insulted the Brazil nation, or when he got on bad terms with UFC President Dana White. Furthermore, he was also an ass to his one-time friend Jorge Masvidal. Now while ‘Gamebred’ is waiting for his next title shot, he still spent some time to rub salt on Covington’s wound.

Jorge Masvidal KO Colby Covington
Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Masvidal has taken to Twitter to share what he thinks of Covington. To sum it up, he claimed that Covington’isn’t a man’ and the MAGA cap-wearing fighter should have paid Masvidal ‘s coach. Yikes! Meanwhile, Covington was surely pissed, judging by the way he raced from the octagon before the final decision came out. Moreover, he also criticized referee Marc Goddard for the early stoppage. “ You robbed the people of a fair fight. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fake nut shot. Fake eye poke. Fake stoppage. Fake ref. #ufc245″


Not stopping there, Covington took to Instagram to share a lengthy post: “Just a kid from Oregon chasing the American Dream. Working hard and earning everything in my life the hard way since day one. I put myself out there in front of the world to kill or be killed. Marc Godard robbed me tonight with piss poor officiating. He let my opponent fake injuries for extra time and stopped the fight early. Just like America, my will and spirit can never be broken. Speed bumps can’t slow me down. You people ain’t seen nothing yet. #ufc245.”