Jon Jones Went to War With His Former Coach Over $13k!!

Jon Jones and his former Jackson-Wink coach Frank Lester are now in a heated online beef… Check it out below!

Jon Jones

Jon Jones Went to War With His Former Coach Over $13k

Until now, UFC light-heavyweight Jon Jones is no stranger to online feud. However, the situation seems to be quite serious this time. In detail, he is now stuck in a back-and-forth fight with his former coach Frank Lester. Previously, Lester called out Mike Winkeljohn as well as Jones in an insane online attack. Furthermore, the former coach is now claiming Jones owns him a total amount of $10,000.

Furthermore, Lester also posted a massive message on Twitter about this and advised Jones to ‘watch his back’. “I have no regrets, I did my job and everybody who has followed my journey knows I did my job, Jon Jones & Mike Winkeljohn just did me dirtier than I have ever even seen in this fighting game. But good always prevails over evil and we have a home big enough for all of us.”

Jon Jones

On the other hand, ‘Bones’ has gone in equally hard on the former striking coach. He hasn’t held back this time and torn his former coach to shreds. In short, he stated “Frank I gave you the opportunity of a lifetime. Everyone on the team knows that I would not agree to give you $20,000 for only your second training camp on my team. And if I did, I would have totally paid you that amount, not once and 10 years have I ever gotten a complaint about not paying staff members. If anything I’m always complimented for being people’s highest paying client by a longshot. I won’t even get into the fact that you were fired from the team on fight week because of your drug issues.

See you in court!

Lastly, Jones ended his rant with: “Anyways, I’m not going to argue with you over the Internet. I would be more than happy to take this to a judge. It’s the physical threatening that I have a problem with. I have no interest in carrying a concealed pistol or preparing for any type of street fight with you. Tomorrow I will be calling APD and bringing our confrontation to their awareness. Honestly, I wish I would have never gotten to know you, but I truly do wish you nothing but the best. Please just leave me alone bro or see me in court.”