Jon Jones threw shades at Khabib…. AGAIN!

Once again, Jone Jones proved that he’s far from moving on with the whole Khabib’s MMA GOAT situation. Catch what Jones got to say right below! 

Jon Jones

Jon Jones threw shades at Khabib… AGAIN!   

For many people, Khabib Nurmagomedov could arguably be the one who deserves the title of MMA GOAT. In his last fight, fans were impressed by his dominating performance despite being injured ahead of the clash. As a result, critics have started to dub him as the GOAT of the mix fighting world! While many would agree with such a suggestion, Jon Jones is undoubtedly not one of them. 

Previously, Jones has expressed his distaste for The Eagle’s title. Jones felt angry for being removed from the no.1 spot in the pound-for-pound ranking. This week, ‘Bones’ has once again spoken on social media. In detail, his 14 UFC title defenses are strong evidence for his name to be considered as a superior mixed martial artist. Furthermore, he also took a stab at Khabib again but quickly removed the post after. 


On one side, nobody could deny what Jones has gone through in his career. As the youngest UFC champion, his talent is par with some of UFC history’s best fighters. Up to now, his only loss was from a DQ, where he was supposed to be the ultimate winner. However, one of the biggest arguments for him getting the GOAT title was his failed drug tests. There were also some cases of DUI in the past that might add to the problem. If not for those, he could easily be considered the GOAT on anyone’s list. 

Other candidates

Aside from these two, there are still other fighters that appear in the argument. We could name a few, like Georges St-Pierre, who has been dominating the welterweight division for such a long time. Besides, we also got Demetrious Johnson, who packed the most consecutive title defenses under his belt despite having a smaller built. In your opinion, who is the GOAT of MMA? Drop their names in the comment to share with us!