Jeremy Stephens Confronted ‘Coward’ Yair Rodriguez after UFC Mexico City!!

After the short-lived fifteen seconds fight which results in a ‘blind eye’, it seems like the beef between Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez is not over yet…

Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens Confronted ‘Coward’ Yair Rodriguez after UFC Mexico City

Just a few days ago, the fight between Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez ended in what we call a shambling mess. In details, the main event finished after Rodriguez caught Jeremy Stephens with an inadvertent eye poke just 15 seconds into the opening round. As a result, he was unable to continue to match, making its a ‘no contest’. Right after, the Mexican fans began taunting Stephens.

Now, a video has surfaced inline, showing Stephens’s confrontation with Yair Rodriguez at the hotel right after the fight. We can see that it was shot from behind Rodriguez’s point of view, and probably daytime. Furthermore, the vid shows that Mexican fighter approaching Stephens in the lobby after asking if he’s OK. While the surrounding is inaudible, we managed to catch a few words from both parties.

Stephens, wearing sunglasses, can be heard saying, “Run it back.” And then Rodriguez replies, “Sure? But what happened?”. One thing leads to another, then Stephens shoves Rodriguez, hard!! Both fighters were quickly separated by onlookers. However, the situation quickly turned ugly, with slur words and foul names throwing in the heated moment. Here are a few we heard from the video:
”You’re going to have to live with that for the rest of your fcking life,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not me. I’m fine, motherfcker. ”
”Yeah, real easy to punk somebody like that,” Stephens replies. “Let’s run it back. Call (UFC matchmaker) Sean (Shelby). Run it back.
”Yeah, run it back – that was yesterday,” Rodriguez spits.

Will a rematch take place?

For now, Stephens downplayed his eye injury as a minor hurt. However, he’s facing a potential six-month suspension for a corneal abrasion. Despite all this, he still angrily requested a rematch with Rodriguez. On the other hand, Rodriguez also told that he wants to see the proof of Stephens’ eye. Once proven wrong, he would even publicly apologize. Lastly, talking about the possibility of a rematch, he shows to optimistic that they’ll ever run across each other in the octagon.