Israel Adesanya Defeated Yoel Romero in Bizarre Clash at UFC 248!

When getting set for a clash with Yoel Romero, Israel Adesanya definitely didn’t think their match would end in such a bizarre way. Catch the full details of their fight below!

Israel Adesanya

 Israel Adesanya Defeated Yoel Romero in Bizarre Clash at UFC 248!

After getting his hand on the UFC middleweight champion, Adesanya made a brave decision to call out Yoel Romero for a clash. Aside from Francis Ngannou, ‘The Soldier of God’ is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating fighters in the world right now; so we have to applaud Adesanya for his bravery. Finally, he got his chance when Romero was set as his first title defence match at UFC 248 taking place last week. And what a fight it was. 

At the event, their match took place after arguably one of the top women’s MMA fight of the year. However, the fight left us more confused than ever. On one side, Adesanya ended up with a win; while Romero was the crowd’s favourite of the night – despite people say he didn’t deserve it. Many of us were hot on our seat, waiting for something exciting to happen, but it never comes. In most of the rounds, ‘The Last Stylebender’ finished with more points than his rival. 

Yoel Romero

Still, he spent a lot of time running around the cage to avoid his opponent. In the beginning, there weren’t lots of action, as ‘The Soldier of God’ usually prefer a slow approach to lure his rival to a false sense of security. Besides, Adesanya seems to be aware of his power, so no strikes were thrown yet in the first couple of minutes. Then Romeo kicked off his attack with a hard straight and a body kick; four strikes to Adesanya’s only three. While the crowd expected an action-pack match, all they got was a very technical performance from ‘The Last Stylebender’. At one point, referee Dan Miralgliotta even needed to ask both of them to step up their game. 

The end

While this method earned Adesanya the win, it didn’t help to prove his power against such a terrifying man like ‘The Soldier of God’. For now, he is set to meet Henry Cejudo at Brazil’s Costa next. So let’s hope we can look forward to a more exciting fight.