Israel Adesanya addressed his ‘staph infection’ ahead of UFC 248!

Ahead of the UFC 248 event, Israel Adesanya finally addressed the public’s concern about his recent open wound that could perhaps affect his performance. Take a look at the details below!

Israel Adesanya
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Israel Adesanya addressed the ‘staph infection’ ahead of UFC 248!

After scoring the UFC middleweight champion title, Israel Adesanya is going to have his first defence fight this weekend against Yoel Romero. However, he was spotted with an open wound injury on his left arm during an interview. This raised another question on whether if Adesanya had a staph infection; and would it affect his fight. However, he was quick to dismiss the concerns when talking to the press in Las Vegas. 

“It’s just a little something, a little scrape of myself. That sh*t happens, but whatever. I’ll rub it on his face when it’s time.” He then confirmed that it’s a staph infection. However, there is no change in his match as it has not affected his health during the training at all. Moreover, the champ also joked that there’s no concern of antibiotics affecting him since he didn’t take any. He willed the infection away.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

 “I’m trying to get paid; I’m here; I’ve had malaria damn near eight times; I don’t know what else I’ve had. Like you think staph’s going to f*ck with me? I didn’t even take antibiotics, I just said ‘No.’; I looked at it and went ‘No,’ and it went away. Well, I did it with this one as well when I went jet skiing; I had one on my thumb knuckle when I was jet-skiing, the throttle, after a while it starts to bruise from having so much fun. That one got a little culture developing inside it but then I just said ‘No’ and it went away.”

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It looks like Adesanya is quite confident for this clash with “The Last Stylebender” this weekend. Be sure to tune in for their fight this Saturday!