Islam Makhachev dominated Drew Dober EASILY, called out for Ferguson NEXT!

Last weekend, Islam Makhachev has once again proved that he deserved a place on the lightweight contender list by choking Dober in their clash. Catch what happened below!

Islam Makhachev vs Drew Dober

Islam Makhachev dominated Drew Dober EASILY!

Without a doubt, Islam Makhachev is a rising name in the lightweight department. When he went against Drew Dober last week, Khabib Nurmagomedov was also in his corner. The current Lightweight Champion has some good words on the future of his training partner. In detail, Khabib claimed that Makhachev would be the heir to his throne one day and even could defeat the top 5 names in the division.

If you still doubt how good Islam is, his teammates even said that he is the only one who could fight on par with Khabib. When meeting Dober in the cage, the lightweight contender didn’t take much time to submit his rival in an arm-triangle choke. In the second round, the judge even granted him a 10-8 score due to his powerful performance. His American competitor had to tap out in the third.

Islam Makhachev vs Drew Dober

In the post-fight interview, Islam has called out for a name: Tony Ferguson. If the fighter accepted the matchup, this would make an exciting fight. While Ferguson is in dire for a win, Makhachev is looking to enter the top 10 contender list. Many people would be surprised to know that he hasn’t been booked for any fight with a top 10 names. Up to now, the Russian fighter only has one loss under his belt. While we couldn’t see a Khabib vs. Tony match in their prime time, seeing Islam vs. Tony should make up for it somehow. Furthermore, this clash could help Ferguson to prove that he’s still an elite contender. 

Different opinion

On the other hand, Khabib has a different opinion on this clash. The current champion thinks it would be hard for him to fight in the lightweight division with Ferguson’s age. For now, only time will tell if this matchup could happen. Stay tuned for more updates from us!