Gilbert Burns Finished Demian Maia with Brutal KO!

While Demian Maia might arguably be the greatest BJJ fighter in his prime, his latest loss against Gilbert Burns proved that he’s reaching his end soon. Catch the full recap of their fight below!

Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Burns Finished Demian Maia with Brutal KO!

If you ask any fighter in the sport who they think is the nicest guy in MMA, Demian Maia’s name will definitely pop up a few times. Furthermore, he was also one of the top names that made the list of the greatest BJJ fighters in history at his prime. However, this might not be the case now, as he’s already reached the age of 42. After his latest match against Gilbert Burns, Maiai claimed that he probably has one more fight left. 

This time, his rival Gilbert Burns is also a highly-regarded BJJ expert and elite black belt. For now, Burns is holding a five-win streak and aiming to put his name on the title contention list. The three-time world champ is surely a tough fighter with his amazing physique and impressive knock out power. While Maia came to the clash after a win over Ben Askren, he was no match for Burns. 

When the match began, both sides switched positions on the ground. They then went full BJJ before going back to the feet. By then, Burns had already caught his opponent with a left hand and managed to drop Maia on the floor. After this, he threw a look at the referee to stop the match; as Burns might not want to follow up with more shots. At their post-fight interview, Burns shared his respects to his opponent, as well as wish him a great send-off when Maia retires: “I’ve been following this guy through his whole career; I have tremendous admiration and respect, he’s a future Hall of Famer.”

A strange night

Due to the coronavirus situation, the whole event has taken place without any audience. Asides this match, the main event saw Charles Oliveira crushing Kevin Lee and his dream all at once. You can catch the details on this clash HERE