SHOCKING: George Kambosos Jr. dethrones Teofimo Lopez!

The craziest thing just happened in the boxing ring last week. This time, George Kambosos has successfully become the brand new unified champion. Read the highlights below!

George Kambosos Jr.

George Kambosos Jr. dethrones Teofimo Lopez!

When George Kambosos Jr. entered the cage to fight Teofimo Lopez, nobody could predict the final result. With a record of 13 to 1, he was the underdog. The chance of him winning is even slimmer than ever, especially against a guy like Teofimo. When he made it through the early rounds, the crowd was in shock. There was even a moment when he knocked out the lightweight world champion in the first round.

At first, Lopez started the match with his usual super-aggressive fighting style. The American boxing was throwing punches left and right, headhunting for a chance. On the other hand, Kambosos was playing it safe with his technical skill, countering every opportunity that he could. His patience paid off when he landed the first knockdown in the first round, changing the momentum of their clash.

George Kambosos Jr.

What a shock it was. Nevertheless, Lopez managed to graze it and get back soon after. He scored some rounds after but never recovered fully. Meanwhile, the young Kamboso’s confidence was boosted up. For the following games, he was trying to win and forgo another chance for getting the knockout. When Lopez tried to pick up the pace, it fell short against the Australian fighter’s game plan. George Kambosos Jr. even did some heavy damage to Lopez’s face, including a brutal cut above the eye. Another reason for his victory was the lousy advice from Lopez Sr… They were looking for a chance to knock Kambosos out while his rival was trying different strategies. Lopez scored the 10th round with his powerful punch combo that put Kambosos on the ground. However, the fight didn’t end there when Kambosos kept it up and managed to win the rest.

Split decision

When the result came out, many were surprised. Two judges crowned Kambosos as the new unified champion. During the post-fight interview, Lopez claimed that he should have won, while Kambosos hinted that he’s ready for a rematch soon.