Dustin Poirier on Jorge Masvidal’s short notice fight: ‘The guy never stopped training!’

If Masvidal’s fans worry about his short-notice fight, perhaps Dustin Poirier can offer some reassuring words. Catch what he got to say below!

Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier spoke about Jorge Masvidal’s short notice fight!

After the long-running dispute with the UFC, it seems like Jorge Masvidal is finally getting back to the cage. In detail, Gamebred will have his first fight for the welterweight title after months. The Miami native has agreed to replace Gilbert Burns for the main event of UFC: Fight Island in Abu Dhabi this weekend. Notably, his rival will be the reigning champion, Kamaru Usman. Furthermore, this fight wasn’t supposed to happen at first. 

While many fans have been looking forward to a bout between these two names, contract negotiations have stopped the process. The promotion ended up scheduling for a match with Gilbert Burns for Usman, putting Masvidal on the sidelines. It came as a surprise when Burns tested positive for the Covid-19 virus just last week. When the situation turned sour, the UFC resorted to getting Gamebred as a replacement in a short notice. 

Dustin Poirier

Instead of having months to get ready, he only has six days until the fight. As a result, many people have raised the question about his current condition, and whether he will be able to get ready for the match. In a recent interview, lightweight contender and Masvidal’s American Top Team teammate Dustin Poirier has updated us on Masvidal: “It’s a short-notice (fight) because he didn’t have the contract signed, but let me tell you what, this guy was there my whole training camp, he was my main sparring partner. We probably put in five weeks of sparring together. He flew in wrestlers, the best wrestlers in the world. I think he put them up, and the guys were there just for Jorge, just for Masvidal to use. The guy never stopped training. Even when the fight fell through, and they gave it to Burns, I think it was at the end of my training camp, Jorge was still in the gym every day like he had a fight.”

Good news

This seems like good news for all Masvidal fans. “I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people with the kind of shape he’s in. Like I said, I don’t know if he just had a premonition, had a feeling, but he was in the gym nonstop, so I’m excited for him. He’s a good guy and a pioneer of mixed martial arts, so it’s great to see him get these opportunities,” – Poirier said.