Derrick Lewis Lands TKO Win with a Savage Flying Knee!

At the recent UFC Apex event, Derrick Lewis scored another win. This time, the Black Beast scored another TKO win with a brilliant flying knee kick. Let’s catch the highlight of this fight below!

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis Lands TKO Win with a Savage Flying Knee!

If we’re talking about one of the most entertaining names in the competitive sport these days, how could we leave Derrick Lewis out? Meeting Aleksei Oleinik in the UFC Apex for a heavyweight clash last weekend, the Houston resident again proved that he’s a great power striker. Meanwhile, his rival is famous for his submission grappling in the division. As a result, this made the clash an exciting fight. 

On one side, Oleinik is a genius on the ground. Remember that time when he executes an Ezekiel choke successfully? So far, he remains the only UFC fighter that succeeds in doing this. Besides, Lewis can put anyone to sleep with his power. As their division is quite thin, the chance to get a title shot is also low. Within these two men, only one could walk away; and it looks like Lewis was the chosen one this time. 

While Oleinik managed to threaten his opponent on the ground, Lewis’s raw power earned him the victory. Overall, it seems like The Black Beast wanted to make the small cage count. During the clash, he came out with a head kick and successfully dropped his opponent. After that, he made it rain down on the Russian. However, Oleinik stood tall, reversed his position, and went to work. He got Lewis back with a scarf hold, but his rival broke free. When he tried again and locked it in tight, Lewis just about survived and got back in the last second of the first round. The pace became quicker in the second round, where Lewis delivered a flying knee straight into his rival’s chest. Oleinik went down when Lewis followed up with another overhand right and ground-and-pound. More brutal strikes and Herb Dean eventually called an end to the clash.


At hist post-fight interview, Lewis broke the fight down: “He had that British Bulldog… whatever the hell that is, that head submission he had on me. He had it pretty deep. I couldn’t breathe at all. Shit, I’m just glad the time ran out. It feels good (to have that record), especially knowing I’m not where I’m supposed to be at; I’m not going to take any more fights until I walk around at 250, 245 range. I’ve got to get down at least 15, 20 lbs.”