Derrick Lewis puts Curtis Blaydes to SLEEP in recent fight!

Once again, Derrick Lewis proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with in his recent win over Curtis Blaydes! Catch what happened in their recent fight below!

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis puts Curtis Blaydes to SLEEP in the recent fight!

Last week, Derrick Lewis finally entered the cage for his ‘supposed’ final fight in contract against Curtis Blaydes. This time, he claimed that it would take an impressive win and performance to make the promotion offer a better deal. And this time, Lewis truly delivered. Blaydes was knocked out cold during the last moment with a destructive uppercut and went to sleep instantly.

Surprisingly, Blaydes managed to win the first round with some great moments. However, it all came down in the second round. He went and tried for a takedown, but his rival successfully fought back and delivered a crazy uppercut. One move, and the fight ended. While Lewis won the clash, it was also another case where he got in trouble and became the victor. 

Derrick Lewis

Coming into the fight, The Black Beast was the underdog. Most people have expected their match to be a grappling-heavy one as Blaydes mostly depends on his volume takedowns to win. However, the result was placed on the hand of the referee in a way. In some situations, it’s up to them to control the fight when the fighters became too aggressive due to their adrenaline rush. At the post-fight interview, Lewis admitted that Jones deserves the title shot. Regarding his next target, the American listed Stipe’s name. 

Curtis Blaydes’s future

For Razor, he still got a long way to go and improve his striking skill. Despite having two losses, Blaydes remained one of the most talented wrestlers among his division peers. We have to wait and see what his next move for this 2021!