Derrick Lewis would agree to fight Francis Ngannou for a PRICE!

When news about a potential match between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, Derrick Lewis quickly joined the conversation. Catch what he got to say right below!

Derrick Lewis would agree to fight Francis Ngannou for a PRICE!

Ever since Jone’s update about his possible upcoming matchup with Ngannou, many have shown different reactions. This week, the Black Beast was the next one to join the convo. On one side, we could see that Jones is still watching out for the paycheck before saying yes. The light heavyweight fighter believed that he deserves a bigger slide for his achievement and a big risk for the match.

From what we heard, the UFC is offering him a $10M paycheck for this match. This is where things get interesting. This week, Derrick Lewis showed up with quite a response. In detail, he stated that he would accept the fight for a lower amount than this. The American fighter has just come off a spectacular knockout victory over Curtis Blaydes. Fuethermore, he also got one win over Ngannou under his belt.

Nevertheless, their fight wasn’t anything exciting, or possibly one of the most boring matches in the heavyweight division history. As both sides are famous for their moves and hits, people expected to see fireworks firing throughout the rounds. But with Lewis’s injury and Ngannou becoming gun-shy after a loss against Miocic, it turned out to be a disappointment. On the other note, even with a lesser paycheck, it would still be Lewis’s biggest payday up until now. We’re not sure if the UFC would accept such an offer, judging his current position.


Meanwhile, the UFC President agreed that Lewis could have the right to meet Ngannou if Jones declines. If this match gets a GO, it will make an exciting showdown for this year. So far, Joe Rogan claimed that Lewis is possibly the only one to fight on par with Ngannou.