Derek Brunson Crushed Edmen Shahbazyan in TKO Finish!

At the recent UFC Fight Night, Derek Brunson once again proved his power after crushing Edmen Shahbazyan. Catch the highlights of their fight below!

Derek Brunson Crushed Edmen Shahbazyan

Derek Brunson Crushed Edmen Shahbazyan in TKO Finish!

Whatever you say, Derek Brunson deserves some respect. The UFC middleweight contender has been a constant name in the game, albeit being the receiver of many jokes within his division. Back in 2018, he faced back-to-back loss against Jacare Souza and current champion Israel Adesanya. However, there’s no shame when you are defeated by these two, don’t you think so? Recently, he has joined the headline event of UFC Fight Night in the Apex, Las Vegas. 

This time, he went against the rising star Edmen Shahbazyan. Until now, Shahbazyan has lots of hype around his name from Ronda Rousey’s former training partner. As a result, many thought that Brunson would be a sacrificial lamb when accepting this clash. Surprisingly, the 36-year-old had other ideas this time. He successfully cornered his opponent and put a brutal beating to remind everyone that he still at the top of his game. In the three-round event, both sides came out fast.

 Starting with the first round, Shahbazyan successfully landed some big body shots, taking control of the match. There were also some heavy shots, but his pace wasn’t entirely sustainable. Using his veteran wiles, Brunson manages to stay in the game and deliver some throwback shots. Things took a turned in the second round, where Shahbazayan couldn’t keep up. The 22-year-old fighter was pushed the fence again and lost his power quickly. Brunson also took him down and landed more savage ground-and-pound. At this time, Herb Dean should have stopped the fight, yet the bell saved ‘The Golden Boy.’


He came back after a doctor checkup but didn’t last long in the final round. Brunson struck a lead left before pulling him down to the mat once again. The veteran threw in a couple of shots then Herb Dean had to stop the fight.