Dana White: “BMF belt will cost $50K and The Rock will present it to the winner”!!

Dana White might have to take back his word now since Nate Diaz is confirmed to fight the Baddest Motherf*cker in the BMF title. Take a look!

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Who will be the Baddest Motherf*cker in the BMF?

Not too long ago, UFC President stated that Nate Diaz was not a needle-mover. However, White might want to take it back now. Not only did he had acknowledged his folly, saying that Diaz is a needle-mover, but he also co-opted Diaz’s idea for the Baddest Motherfcker in the Game title. After the UFC 241, Diaz has claimed himself to be ‘the Baddest Motherfcker in the Game’.

Moreover, he suggested that he can defend his self-appointed title against Jorge Masvidal next. In short, that was a stroke of genius and one that received almost unanimous approval. Quickly right after, the match was booked to happen. Additionally, Dana White took a bigger step and said that he planned to have an official title belt commissioned for the special occasion.

However, the belt would remain to be a one-off scenario. But no worries! Even though it’s a one-and-done kind of thing, the UFC doesn’t plan on pinching pennies. White shared with TMZ Sports recently about the value of the belt reaching about $50,000 to make. “That’s a good question,” White responded when asked about the belt. “I think it’s gonna be like, I think the belt’s like 50 grand.” On the other hand, the BMF title will reportedly have something special and more expensive than any match: the blessing of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Right after Diaz vs. Masvidal goes official, The Rock jumped in and declared he would do ‘anything’ to make it into the fight. When Masvidal announced he wanted The Rock to be the one who would wrap the belt around his waist when he won, Johnson said he was game.

The Rock gets what The Rock wants!

In the end, the winner of Diaz-Masvidal will get a shiny new, entirely unique belt. Moreover, they are going to be the only fighter in UFC history to be crowned a champion at the hands of The Rock, according to Dana White!!