Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega confirmed as COACHES for TUF!

We could be looking at an exciting showdown between Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega at the upcoming TUF. Catch the full news on this match below! 

Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega confirmed as COACHES for TUF!   

It looks like most UFC fans have to wait for a while to see the fight for the featherweight title. Previously, many have been waiting for a showdown between Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega. If their match got booked, they should be meeting in the cage at the UFC 260 event. However, the former tested positive for COVID, thus delaying their battle. While it’s an unfortunate situation, the champ’s healthy is always a top priority. 

Furthermore, after the fight against Holloway, there have been many contradicting ideas. Even if Holloway won the second match, the judge’s scores would always belong to Volkanovski at the end of the day. This week, the promotion has decided to book Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega two as new coaches for the Ultimate Fighter TV series, as far as we heard.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega

On the other hand, UFC also has been considering lots of candidates before making such a decision. Among them was Masvidal vs. Covington, one of the most anticipated duos that fans wanted to see due to their long-run beef. While they weren’t booked, Volkanovski vs. Ortega is still a good matchup to demonstrate how great UFC’s training camp is. Moreover, the winner of this fight should earn a chance to fight Max Holloway next. 

Powerful stage

On one side, we have Volkanovski’s team, City Kickboxing. They are famous for their incredible feints that put Adesanya on the list of the best strikers. Additionally, Volkanovski’s relentless pressure is also his most powerful move. For Ortega’s side, his ground game is one of the tops in the department. After recovering from Holloway’s brutal match, he made a grand comeback with a dominating evolved striking skill that put Chan Sung Jung to sleep. This match was one of the most impressive performances in his MMA career.